The Safeguards You Need to Take When Investing in Oil and Gas

Perhaps you think you’ve found an oil or gas investment that meets your dreams of “striking it rich.” Be careful. The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) warns that many deals are fraudulent with skilled telemarketers using high-pressure sales tactics to get you to part with your hard-earned money.

At Stateside we believe in honest, straightforward representation of opportunities in accordance with the highest possible standards of business ethics.

Here we offer a checklist of potenial warning signs to help you avoid falling victim to a scam:


The North American Securities Administrators Association provides this list of claims that unscrupulous promoters often make and warn potential investors to beware of the hype:

What’s the best way to avoid being scammed? The SEC says, “Fraudsters rely on the sad truth that many people simply don’t bother to investigate before they invest. Savvy investors take the time to do their own independent research.”

You may be able to verify information in offering materials by contacting the oil and gas regulatory agency in which the wells are allegedly being drilled. If you encounter a problem send your complaint to the SEC via their online complaint form at: