A company stands or falls based on the values it holds and the values it keeps. At the heart of everything we do are the values of Trust and Transparency, Risk Management and Safety, Environment, and Profit.
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    Trust and Transparency

    Stateside conducts business with transparency and honesty. Our investors know that they can trust Stateside to do the right thing. The manner in which we nurture investor relationships is what sets us apart from our competition. Self-gain and profit always come second to maintaining our integrity and our relationships.

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    Risk Management and Safety

    Risk mitigation is critical and something that we focus on very early in the process. Many risks loom in the oil and gas industry including issues such as commodity price, geology, operational, environmental, and safety. Our strategy is to mitigate all but the commodity pricing risks to a clear and manageable risk profile.

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    Stateside is committed to drilling in an environmentally responsible way, following—or exceeding—all federal and local regulations. We pride ourselves on our stellar track record with Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection Agency and with the local municipalities where we drill. Our environmental consciousness—our desire to properly reclamate our drilling sites—has helped us dissipate the stereotypes associated with oil and gas drilling.

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    We invest side by side with our investors often directly and always through our General Partnership participation. We pride ourselves on building win-win relationships along the whole value chain.


At the forefront of Stateside’s success are its people. We ensure that the right people with the right values are in the right roles—and have the authority to make sound decisions. Each of our expert team members brings an important skill set that makes a vital contribution to our overall mission.